Student Council

The student council works in a methodical procedure with a well-planned hierarchy which provides a direction to the students to communicate and interact with the faculty and administration department of the college.

Equal opportunity is given to all the students to showcase their leadership skills as student coordinators for various forums. They coordinate with conveners in the generation of new ideas. Student coordinators participate in meetings and suggestions given by them are considered in decision-making towards various committees. They in turn share and delegate the responsibility with other student representatives in the committee.

Objectives of Student Council

  • To imbibe a spirit of leadership and organizing skills.
  • To assist in curricular and co-curricular activities of the institution.
  • To promote mutual respect among the students.
  • To represent the views of the student body.
  • To promote the holistic development of students.
  • To inculcate a sense of belongingness with the institution.

Functions of Student Council

  • To promote the development of the college and the welfare of the students.
  • To consult the student's community regularly in the college.
  • To pool all the students in each and every activity related to the council.
  • Members act as liaison officers between students and teachers and coordinate activities of the college.
  • Organize leadership/training programs with the help of professional organizations so as to groom and in still in student leadership qualities.

Student Council Members 2021-22

Siddharth Sanjay Shedde


G S Meghana

Vice President



Sampath R

Management/Cultural forum, Member

Vijeth Gowda B.S

Sports/NCC forum, Member

Jayasheela V

NSS/YRC forum, Member

Lavanya M

Placement & career development, Member