It is understood and believed that providing a reliable and comprehensive support system to motivate students is essential for the overall development of students which in turn facilitate the development of the Institution and also the nation at large. So, Mentoring has been introduced for enabling holistic assessment of the learners' performance and providing inclusive spaces for growth and development.

  • Mentors apply their guidance, experience and expertise in promoting their mentees academically and personally, through interpersonal engagement.
  • They play a role of an advisor, Counselor, Consultant, Guide, Facilitator, and Motivator.

Mentors play a important role of building network between its major stake holders - students & parents for the holistic development of a students.


  • To develop a Healthy relationship between Students and Teachers.
  • To maintain Data Base of Student Performance and also to provide for Comprehensive Personal Student Record.
  • To identify Slow Learners and learning needs of Students.
  • To support students to improve their ability to articulate and formulate plans to actively pursue and achieve their Academic and Career Goals and instill a sense of Social Responsibility in them.
  • To identify Special Talents and Skills & communicating it to the relevant committees.
  • To ensure and provide feedback for parents and also to obtain feedback from parents.
  • To provide continuous Motivation and cultivate a Healthy Learning Environment in College.

Process Of Mentoring

Preparation of list by convernor of Mentorship

Allotment of Mentorship to Respective Mentors

Monitoring of Mentees by Mentors by Conducting meeting on regular basis.

End of semester reporting to head of the Institution

Mentors List