National Cadet Corps (NCC)

About the Department

Discipline, Dedication and Determination is the main motto of Our NCC Department of the college. Our NCC Army Wing is an infantry unit under 39 Karnataka Battalion, Karnataka and Goa directorate. With its high vision to lead and groom the cadets to a disciplinary path, NCC also aims to develop in them character, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of advance and selfless service. NCC transforms them into trained and motivated human resource that will lead the nation in all walks of life and also motivates them to join the armed forces and serve the nation.


NCC Officer

Capt. Chikka Ranga Swamy R

Achievements of the NCC Wing

Certificate Examinations

B Certificate:- This. one is used for Senior Division or Senior wing example students from 10, +2 or college level ( 1st /second year) can get this one after successfully completing 75% of their training , attend at least 1 Annual Training Camp& Passing a written exam. Student with A certificate get 10% bonus marks

What is NCC C certificate exam?

Certificate - C is the highest level certificate for NCC cadets. It can be taken in the 3rd year of training, in the 3rd year of degree course. Those who possess a Certificate - B can take it in the first year after their +2, and in the 1st year of their degree.

Why NCC?

Are you willing to join?

  • Enrolment to NCC begins every year in just within 2 week of the opening of the college as a mark of new academic year
  • The interested students will have to fill in a form provided and register for the selection process.
  • Registered students will have to undergo the selection process which includes physical fitness and many other criteria as per the NCC norms
  • The students will be interviewed by the ANO and the Senior Under Officer and the selected cadets will be notified