The Placement team facilitates the students to explore the world of employment and new career avenues through visits of companies for which recruitments are organized every year

Apart from excelling in academics, SICM aims to nurture and develop skills of our students and in transforming them to complete corporate professionals. Programs such as “Value added Program” is tailor made to develop professional skills, provide value-added training and certifications in various domains. Students also have practical exposure of the industry through, industrial visits, internships programs etc.

The primary objective of students in pursuing higher education is to get a good job on completion of their studies. Institutions require the support of industry to help the eligible students fulfil their dreams through institutional placement program. On the other hand, the industry looks towards educational institutions to fulfil their employment needs of fresh, skilled and trained resources. We have realised that it is mutually beneficial for both organisations and educational institutions to work towards a better synergy and collaboration.

The various initiatives undertaken by SICM have endured in the process has yield good positive outcome for our students through placement program. We focus on all round development of our students.

Wish your employability hunt ends here....Happy Recruitment.

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Placement Statistics

Placement Record 2016-2021
Student Registered 10210816211183
Students Placed71721066955
Companies Visisted1420232021

Company Wise Select Details 2020-21

Sl. No.Names of the studentsClass and sectionName of the companyCTC
1Rahul Solanki3rd BCOM DDeloitte3,30,000
2Gowda Sneha Keerti Kumar3rd BCOM ADeloitte3,30,000
3Ajeesh K 3rd BCOM CEmpower Retirement2,75,000
4Gautham Gowda HJ 3rd BCOM AEmpower Retirement2,75,000
5Harshith R3rd BCOM AEmpower Retirement2,75,000
6Ranjan C.G3rd BCOM AEmpower Retirement2,75,000
7Varun S N3rd BCOM AEmpower Retirement2,75,000
8Anushree KL 3rd BCOM AWipro - Service DeskVaries
9Deshikan B.R3rd BCOM BDXC Technology2,60,000
10Sahana B S3rd BCOM BDXC Technology2,60,000
11Shruthilaya HB3rd BCOM ATCS1,56,000
12Dhanush K3rd BCOM BTCS1,56,000
13DJ Vishal3rd BCOM CTCS1,56,000
14Krishna K V 3rd BCOM A TCS1,56,000
15Chandana B3rd BCOM ATCS1,56,000
16Gayathri S 3rd BCOM ATCS1,56,000
17Dhanush R3rd BCOM BFincare Small Finance Bank 2,00,000
18Kavitha Sharma3rd BCOM CDev Mantra1,80,000
19Urvish SharmaBBADev Mantra1,80,000
20Krishna K V 3rd BCOM ADev Mantra 1,80,000
21Vishnu C3rd BCOM ASunrise Biztech2,80,000
22Ambika K bharadwaj3rd BCOM CCapgemini2,45,000
23Anagha.N3rd BCOM CCapgemini2,45,000
24Ashutosh MBBACapgemini2,45,000
25Ashwini Karanth P A 3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
26B P Amarnath3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
27Janani Sridhar3rd BCOM C Capgemini2,45,000
28Jeevan Kumar V3rd BCOM BCapgemini2,45,000
29Monisha K3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
30Rahil Khan A3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
31Sharadha m3rd BCOM BCapgemini2,45,000
32Sravani G 3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
33Tejash P3rd BCOM DCapgemini2,45,000
34Vidya M3rd BBACapgemini2,45,000
35Sricharan k.m3rd BCOM BCapgemini2,45,000
36Deshikan B.R3rd BCOM BCapgemini2,45,000
37Krishna K V3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
38Kavitha Sharma3rd BCOM CCapgemini2,45,000
39Urvish K ShahBBACapgemini2,45,000
40Dhanush R3rd BCOM BCapgemini2,45,000
41Gayathri S3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
42Nithya J3rd BCOM BCapgemini2,45,000
43Snehashree S3rd BCOM ACapgemini2,45,000
44Sushmitha S Shetty3rd BCOM BCapgemini2,45,000
45Maheswari S3rd BCOM CCapgemini2,45,000
46Shreyas S3rd BCOM DVIVO2,40,000
47Nithya J 3rd BCOM BFidelity1,91,448
48Snehashree S3rd BCOM AFidelity1,91,448
49Sushmitha S Shetty3rd BCOM BFidelity1,91,448
50Giridhar D3rd BCOM CFidelity1,91,448
51Meera J 3rd BCOM BFidelity1,91,448
52Shreyas S3rd BCOM DFidelity1,91,448
53Maheswari S3rd BCOM CFidelity1,91,448
54Sushmitha E3rd BCOM CGrassroot1,20,000
55Pooja Rani M V3rd BBAGrassroot1,20,000