Administrative Staff

Kumkum Kadam

The message of Office Superintendent

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream”, quoted Roosevelt.

Today's world is digitalized. Technological advancement and globalization have exposed our youngsters to unlimited opportunities and knowledge expansion. I, as Office Superintendent with the unwavering support of the Management, Principal & the facilitators am able to discharge the office duties to stride towards growth & development to give our students the route to grow & fly.

About Administrative

Office staff shoulders, the smooth functioning of administrative work takes care of NAAC, LIC, and all other statutory duties, and carries on all University correspondence relating to admission approval & examination. Organizing college events. Maintenance of official reports and documents of all the staff members. Provide excellent infrastructure facilities at the college campus.

Non-Teaching and Supportive Staff

Name Designation
1 Kumkum Kadam Office Superintendent
2 Rashmi R Assistant Librarian
3 Hemanthakumar.G Accountant
4 Dileep Kumar. M Computer Programmer
5 Dhakshayani.R.K Office Asst.
6 Lavanya G. U Office Asst.
7 Gopalaiah D.V Attender
8 Shantha V Attender
9 Geetha P Attender
10 Pradeep Kumar S Attender