Department of English

Head of the Department - Message

Bhuvaneshwari R S
M.A., M.Phil

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”- Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Language skills and expertise with a second language is very important to communicate one's heart's content; incompetency holds back from engaging in life and sharing what one really feels. Expertise with the second language adds an extra mile to one's profile and personality.

SICM is a perfect place to hone your language skills and excel. Explore and experience the beautiful journey of language learning with us. The department aims to instil the concept of life-long learning to the students. The four pillars of language learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are integrated in the course delivery to ensure a balanced development of language skills. Intellectual curiosities, Analytical and Interpretive thinking, expand their learning horizons.

About Department

The Department of English has its existence ever since the college was established. It strives to meet the challenges of teaching English language. The department teaches General Language English prescribed by the Bengaluru City University. The department consists of qualified enthusiastic teachers who share their knowledge to the younger generation and equip them to be English language proficient and also to match up to the Global challenges. Besides teaching English language to the streams (Commerce and Management), the department organizes seminars, workshops, language based competitions, curriculum enrichment programs and hosts National conference every year which enriches the student's, teaching facultie's literary awareness and knowledge. Attempts to improve slow learners are constantly made through revision, remedial classes etc. Classroom seminars/roleplays/mock interviews are conducted regularly to prepare the students for higher studies and competitive exams. Our library is a rich source of English language and literature books for staff and students.


  • To enable students to acquire good communicative skills.
  • To motivate students to pursue higher studies and research.
  • To encourages students to involve in creative actives.
  • Enable them to develop Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening skills.
  • Mentor them in overall development.
  • Train them to face interview challenges.

English House

A part of Bhasha Sangama aims to foster a deeper literary sensibility among students by creating a platform for interaction with eminent literary personalities. It stimulates literary creativity through various activities and competitions at the college and intercollegiate levels. It stimulates literary creativity through various activities and competitions at the college and intercollegiate levels. The activities of department and the House are published in the language's newsletter “Bhashabhivyakthi”.

Motto: Celebrating Language, Celebrating Life.


  • To awaken the literary sensibilities/creative writing of the students.
  • To conduct various literary competitions.
  • To provide a platform for the literary interaction with the eminent literary personalities.
  • Encourage Students to participate in the inter college competitions.
  • To encourage the young budding editors in publishing the College Magazine and Newsletters.


Department of English takes a key role in all the publications of the college. The department compiles and edits the annual magazine of the college, “Parampara”. The department members are editors to the various newsletters of the college. “Bhashabhivyakthi” is the bi-annual language newsletter compiled by the department. The publications are a great platform for the budding writers of the college.

Faculty List

Bharath P N

Assistant Professor in English

N Prabhanjan

MA (Ph.D)
Assistant Professor in English