Students Welfare

SICM ensures that various measures are taken that facilitate the growth of its students which is a hallmark of a good educational institution. Therefore, we at SICM have adopted a number of programmes to achieve the same. We understand that education can only be imparted in safe and secure atmosphere which is also free of technical hassles. Special attention is paid to make sure that our differently-abled students feel just as comfortable as the rest. Thus, having ascertained the primary well-being of its students, the college also takes up further steps to aid their growth not only during the course of their education in college but also beyond it.

In order to encourage students to voice their issues and solve their problems, the college appoints a student welfare officer every year. The officer not offer advice and support to students but also acts as the voice of the student community and vouches for their well-being and development by conveying their issues and concerns to the management and the teaching faculty.

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