SICM in the community

At SICM, we associate ourselves with the various social causes. This is an attempt to act beyond the classrooms. We undertake various activities which perform an important role in addressing socio economic issues with much care. The faculty and the students undertake a few steps in reaching out the needy people specially children by giving their time to help them to discover their true strengths with few essentials of learning.

Parikrama foundation

Their mission is to unleash the potential of under-served children which will provide them with equal opportunities and make them valuable contributing members of their society. For an underserved child who is trying to break out of severely limiting living conditions and come to school, the challenges are many. Children face violence of all kinds in their homes; most of their parents have never been to school, and none speak English. Fluctuating incomes and widespread alcoholism further drain households of stability. To ensure that children stay in school, learn well and become job-ready, it is imperative that their lives are looked after in there entirely. A nurturing and stable home environment and a very high quality of learning in school constitute the key elements that need to be managed to achieve their goal. Nutrition and healthcare complete this Circle of Life.

SICM is associated with the Parikrama foundation. Our faculty and the students take active participation in preparing these children for life.

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