Newsletters and magazines provide a forum for students and faculty to express their views and insights on subject-related and general topics. They are also an important means of cataloguing and publicizing college activities and achievements.


Parampara is an annual magazine by SICM which covers all the events and the happenings of the college. The college newsletters are also an integral part of the publications.


  • Commerce - Smt. Punitha G.
  • English - Smt. Bhuvaneshwari R S
  • Kannada - Dr. Poornima S
  • Sanskrit - Smt .Kavitha B
  • Hindi - Sri. Dilip Kumar Yadav, Sri. Bharath P N, Ms. Spandana V R


Samvardhana is a bi-annual community engagement news letter casing the activities of each committee in the college provided for student overall development

Editorial Members

  • Prof. Vidya S. Shivannavar - Principal
  • Assoc. Prof. Bhuvaneshwari R.S - HOD, Department of English
  • Asst. Prof. Asha S. - Department of Commerce and Management
  • Asst. Prof. R. Manjushree - Department of Commerce and Management



Commerce Chronicle is a bi annual newsletter from the Department of Commerce.


  • Prof. Vidya S Shivannavar, Principal
  • Associate Prof. G Punitha, HOD, Department of Commerce and Management
  • Asst. Prof. Spandana V R, Department of Commerce
  • Asst. Prof. Bharath P N , (Reviewer) Department of English


Vani, a quaterly magazine by the Seshadripuram Educational Trust covering news regarding all the SET Institutions.