The administrative and the support staff are an integral part of our college and they play a very important role. They are well trained and organised.

Administrative Staff

Name of FacultyDesignation
Smt. S. R. Jayashree Ramesh Office Superintendent
Smt. Asha S. Accountant
Sri. Dileepkumar M. Comp. Programmer
Smt. Monika R. Libry., Asst.
Kum. Dhakshayani R. K. Office Asst.
Smt. Bhagya Lakshmi Office Asst.

Support Staff

Name of FacultyDesignation
Sri. Gopalaiah D. V. Attender
Smt. Shantha V. Attender
Smt. Geetha P. Attender
Sri. Pradeep Kumar S. Attender