Administrative Staff

The administrative and the support staff are an integral part of our college and they play a very important role. They are well trained and organised.

Name of StaffDesignation
Smt. Kumkum Kadam Office Superintendent
Hemantha Kumar G Accountant
Mr. Dileepkumar M. Comp. Programmer
Ms. Dhakshayani R. K. Office Asst.
Ms. Bhagya Lakshmi Office Asst.

Library Department

Name of FacultyDesignation
Smt. Asha. P.T Librarian
Smt Gowri K Assistant Library

Support Staff

Name of FacultyDesignation
Mr. Gopalaiah D. V. Attender
Ms. Shantha V. Attender
Ms. Geetha P. Attender
Mr. Pradeep Kumar S. Attender