Attendance & Course Tracking System

Portal Features

  • Live update on attendance
  • Student’s report
  • Lecturer’s details
  • Live update of classes held, topics covered, etc.
  • Class timetable
  • Curriculum plan and coverage
  • Assessment schedule and scores
  • Ipomo Bimba app for Parents and students to communicate with Faculties
  • Announcements and News updates through Ipomo Bimba
  • Library Updates
  • Leave Management

SMS Service

  • Daily Absence (Subject wise)/Weekly Attendance Status to parents
  • Monthly Attendance Summary

Our College SICM APP is facilitated wherein Parents, Students and Alumni can download the same and view all the details about the happenings of the college. There is a student login, where in the student can access his attendance and internals marks. Once they become members, they receive all the updates as notifications.

The SICM APP can be downloaded on Google Play Store

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