About Us

Genesis of SICM

Seshadripuram Educational Trust, since its establishment in 1930, has been known for producing quality students. In 2005, the Trust established Seshadripuram Institute of Commerce and Management offering B.Com and B.B.A.

Logo Description

Logo of the college consists of a lamp, a book, petals.

  • The Light of the lamp symbolizes the light of knowledge that lights up the mind and shows the way ahead.
  • The Book indicates the repository of knowledge and the unquenching quest for learning.
  • The Petals that surround symbolize the strength of unity that holds us together as a family.
  • The two enveloping olive branches are symbolic of the peace and harmony that we wish to envelop us in its healing embrace.
  • Pragnanam brahmawe, at SICM we believe in the empowering ability of knowledge which is the basis of all wisdom and understanding.

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